The Common Past

by Quilombolas

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The Common Past, marks the official release of the long awaited debut album of global fusion group, Quilomobolas, and the 10th album release from innovative underground record label, Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records. Called ‘the auditory equivalent of a really tasty fusion restaurant’, the multilingual band melds Afro-Brazilian, Rock, World Beat, Afro-Funk and Hip Hop sounds. Appreciated for the new sound they've brought to the Minneapolis scene, critics have called them “ intriguing a trio as you're apt to come by for quite a while. These guys are serious to the bone with cold-blooded chops. Their groove has a Band of Gypsys feel - sharp, elemental funk with wizened, coat-pulling lyrics.” (Dwight Hobbes)

Members of the group share a diasporic background that includes Brazilian, African American and Israeli ancestry. Shelia Regan, of the Twin Cities Daily Planet, writes, “True to the spirit of their name, the Minneapolis band Quilombolas have a sense of defiance, and also a sense of freedom. The band's style is passionate, satirical, and very entertaining. Blending Brazilian rhythms, hip-hop, Israeli melodies, and funk, Quilombolas create a unique sound with smart lyrics and a danceable beat.” Lead singer, Eric Silva Berimba comments, “Quilombolas' music is about blending, mixture, and harmony. It is music that doesn't conveniently fit into one particular genre, but fuses many styles. A musical feijoada or jambalaya.”

The album co-produced by Paul Harding, of Near and Far Records, features performances by Maria Isa (Sota Rico) and Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria (Palabristas). Reminiscent of albums of the 60s and 70s, mixing musicality with a message, with a new twist for a new time, the album doesn't pull any punches in its lyrics. Berimba comments, “Lyrics for 'Quero a Paz' were written in a cemetery in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2003 shortly before attacks on Iraq began. An eerie premonition of things to come...There's still plenty of work to do regarding liberty and equality for all but making politically conscious multilingual music is the vision behind the work.” Tru Ruts label exec, e.g. bailey, adds “With it's melding of varied traditions and cultures, the essence of Quilombolas and it's music is the striving for a more humane world.”

Celebrating the global legacy of unity and diversity, Quilombolas is ready to make its mark with this first offering. It's sure to draw fans of established acts such as Ozomatli, Michael Franti, Manu Chao, Kassin+2, Chico Science, Nação Zumbi and others. Rob Van Alstyne writes, “…the global pop mash up masters in local outfit Quilombolas blend funky horns, traditional Latin American rhythms and hip hop into a worldly mixture of sounds that's hard to neatly categorize but easy to enjoy and certain to appeal to fans of similarly ambitious groups like Ozomatli.”

Rock inspired-Global music ensemble, Quilombolas, has been steadily building an audience over the last several years, and has been featured at the Twin Cities' Afrifest, the Earthfusion Festival, on Fox 9 Morning News, in addition to collaborating with noted Twin Cities artists Maria Isa, Truthmaze, e.g. bailey, Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, and others. The recently featured at the Mid American Music Festival, the Ripple Effect festival and Vive Minnesota! El Festival, in addition to opening for PM Dawn. Tru Ruts Endeavors is a multi-disciplinary artistic enterprise ranging from a record label, theatre productions, a radio series, visual art exhibits and film productions. It has been a major innovator + trailblazer in the Twin Cities often producing shows to sold out audiences and critical acclaim.

'The Common Past' is released by indie label, Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records. See for more information. To request interviews or additional images, please contact or 612-288-9491.


released March 3, 2009


1.  Kilombo (featuring Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria)

Poetry by Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria
(E. Brenneman, M. Levitt, U. Williams, R. Sanchez-Chavarria)

2.  Quero a Paz
(E. Brenneman, M. Levitt, U. Williams)

3.  Revolucionario
(E. Brenneman, M. Levitt, U. Williams)

4.  True America (featuring Maria Isa)

Lyics by: E. Brenneman, U. Williams, Maria Isa

(E. Brenneman, M. Levitt, U. Williams, M.I. Perez)

5.  They Think It’s Fun
(E. Brenneman, M. Levitt, U. Williams)

6. 1492
(E. Brenneman, M. Levitt, U. Williams)

7. Mixed Blood
(E. Brenneman, M. Levitt, U. Williams)

8. They Think It’s Fun (reprise)
(E. Brenneman, M. Levitt, U. Williams)

Executive Produced by e.g. bailey, Shá Cage. Produced by Paul Harding and Quilombolas. Engineered by Paul Harding. Recorded at Near and Far Studios. Mastered by Scott Radke for Sonic Impact. Recorded at Near and Far Studios.All music by E.S. Brenneman, Matthew Levitt and Umar Williams except where noted. All lyrics by E.S. Brenneman except where noted.

Quilombolas:  Eric Silva Brenneman – vocals, bass, berimbau and percussion. Matthew Levitt – guitars, keyboards, vocals. Luis Pereira – congas and percussion. Lewis Hill II– drums, vocals.

Amigos: Umar Williams – drums, vocals, percussion (all). Maria Isa – vocals (4). Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria – vocals (1). Erik Naslund – trumpet (3, 5).

Art Direction: e.g. bailey + Venus Designs. Design: Venus Designs. Tru Ruts Endeavors logo design:  Cullen Balch. Quilombolas Logo design:  Jacques Elate Joss, Kevin Wideman. Tru Ruts Endeavors tree logo design:  Venus Designs.
Speakeasy Records logo design:  Walter Kitundu. Tru Ruts Endeavors logo design: Elliot Looney.

Maria Isa appears courtesy of Emetrece Productions. Paul Harding appears courtesy of Near and Far Records. Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria appears courtesy of Con Safos Productions.

Brought to you by Trú Rúts Endeavors:  Harvesting the Tree of Life. • • 612-288-9491 • •

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